Day 49: HoHEdit

Needless to say, I really need to win PoV this week. Tyler is sitting so pretty and I hate it. In hindsight, I shouldn't have made that brash decision and gotten rid of Wesley. But then again, I was on a step 3 program to get rid of big players. Step 1, 2 and 3 is Wesley, Perry, and Tyler gone, in whichever order, LOL I don't care.


For some reason, Tyler thinks I want to work with him. Let him think that! I am not winning HoH, so no harm done..


Yiiikes, I'm so fucking scared rn. I hope Perry is sincere with his F2 deal, because I am 100% on board with him Pretty sure Tyler/Yap has the coup, fk, not sure though. I don't think Sam *would* have it. But we'll just have to see...


Day 50Edit

Day 51: Nomination CeremonyEdit

My plan worked! Tyler nominated me, which means I can participate in POV! This gives me a chance to beat Yap. As long as Yap loses POV, I can use my DPOV to take myself off and put Yap up.

And I'll be eligible to compete for Final 4 HOH.


Day 52: Pov CompetitionEdit

The one person who couldn't win UGH

Ok time for plan B. Now I guess we have to evict either Sam or Purry. Either way it's not really my choice, since Yap and Tyler can decide as is. I might as well vote against them to try and secure some good will with the jury, since lord knows I don't have any of that right now.

This game is no fun for me anymore, I feel like I have nothing left but challenges, which is a bleak existence. But I'm not gonna just quit, since that's not a very sporting way to go about it. I'll just see how far I can get.


Day 53: Pov Ceremony Part 1Edit

What. The. Fuck. Sam. You had one job, and that was be my lowkey goat at the end


At this point, the only person I don't want to go to the end is Tyler. I love him, but man is he gonna win at the end.


Okay so first off yay! I won Veto by 1000, thankfully I attempted one more time than I did. But I have a feeling that if I didn't win the veto, I would have been gone this week


Of course Yap has to be the one to win PoV. Now our plan to get rid of him is RUINED, and the whole Perry throwing the challenge may have gone to waste.


Day 54: Pov Ceremony Part 2Edit

Day 55: EvictionEdit

For some reason, these people are saving me. They are dumb, but I have no problem. If Yap goes home next week, it should be smooth sailing until the finals.