Day 56: HoHEdit

Day 57Edit

Day 58: Nomination CeremonyEdit

Day 59: Pov CompetitionEdit

As much as I want a guarantee to the final HoH challenges, I'd rather try and give the attempt to Tyler. and whether or not Tyler will go on his word to save me, that's on him. But it's better than going against Tyler and seeming selfish. I posted the images Perry uploaded to Tyler's thread. I'm hella lazy/smart like that. I just hope Perry doesn't wise up and do the same thing..


I can't believe it. Yap is helping Tyler oh LOL ROFL. I really hope that he is not screwing me over. Because I COULD have a good shot at winning at this point.


Day 60: Pov CeremonyEdit

I'm honestly feeling really anxious right now. I told myself going into this week that i was gonna win HoH or Veto and get Tyler out. but after Tyler opened up to me, and said all this stuff to me, idk, that sentiment changed. Maybe it was because Tyler actually successfully planted a seed in my head that I can beat him. or maybe it is true that I can beat him at the end. Idk.


Day 61Edit

Day 62: EvictionEdit

Moment of Truth. will Tyler save me.