Day 8: Head of HouseholdEdit

So now that we are going on towards week 2, I'm so happy that I'm still in the game. Personally, my target is HLC for several reasons. One of them is because she may be a possible threat in competitions. I mean, if she was willing to hold a cup of water for 45 minutes with the back of her hand, this girl is dedicated! Also, HLC seems to be the center of a lot of trouble, and so for me, I don't think I can work with her in the game. On the other hand, her actions this week may have ultimately made her an easy target, so that's one thing to consider. Don't get me wrong, HLC seems like a lovely person, but this is Big Brother, and she might have to go next.


I was biting my tongue this whole time I was nominated but it is So good to be safe. HLC is getting on my nerves. She never shuts up and it's always about her in the group chat. Jamie says I don't talk to her which is why I was up for eviction but it takes two to tango so pffft. Alliance- honestly I don't have any real alliance. I mean I formed one worth Daniel and Jessica but something tells me Daniel is not as honest as he appears. He probably has 5 other major alliances going on so I won't be surprise if it's true. Im starting to like Mia, she's awesome.


The first week was VERY stressful but I'm glad it's all sorted out and the source of trouble has gone. I did just win both the competitions in Week 1 and while it secured that the house enemy got eliminated, I'm not sure people will be too happy with keeping me around. I need to work on my social game this week or else I might be backdoored!


I keep getting high scores and im using Hannah's name to enter them in

I hope she doesnt notice x ive always wanted to take out hannah I could tell she wasnt a carly rae jepsen fan but now I have a reasoning to take her out ill call her maybe after this game is over but I really dont like her yes I will not like people in-game because they dont like carly rae jepsen that is not beneath me


This challenge makes me feel like I am addicted to crack popping Kayne heads.

I have gotten one fluke score, and I was like that might be enough to kick ass, but then I am all torn and shit like do I really want to be HOH after round 1, and is it enough should I play for another several hours... There is a battle going on in my head All my othr scores are around 2 million and 70 soething heads later I get a 5 million score and now Im like maybe I should just dumb it down, but what if someone gets HOH I don't like or doesn't like me gets it, and those fuckers don't come to me with alliances I have to do all the damn bloody work around here. OH JEEZUS do I sound like Patrick right now or what lol I have never been good at Big Brother. I use to be known as the queen bitch of survivor before I retired lol. Apparently cunning and friendly doesn't mix with deadly and saving friendships Survivor tho, sometimes that mix works. Sometimes it.doesn't. Depends on cast. Id feel better if people would actually approach me to solidify stuff. Feel like I am campaigning for Prom Queen. I genuinely love getting to know people, and sometimes people have a hard time separating that from game play. I can be bff with my enemy in the game but if my loyalties are with someone, I am not gonna sacrifice that for a friendship I am building. Basically damn me for giving a shit about people outside the game. This season Ive chosen Daniel so hopefully he isn't trying to bend me over and take me for all I am worth. I would like a crack at talking out HLC though. Im working on the formation of the Mia George Daniel Jessica Alliance and possible the Mia Asa Alliance so I can watch those girls, and then fortifying bonds with people without the world alliance, but if I have the chance to win, fuck, then I go back to will people be like but we talked how could you do me so wrong.


I am over Kanye plus an alliance member beat my score so if he chooses to submit it, hopefully I am in good running for VIP without blood on my hands. Though I am not scared of a little blood.

Excellllent Felix is going to submit his score, let us just hope that that doesn't bump me down too far the ranks to avoid some safety. I have the option to invite my number 1 into the alliance as my pick, but I think I may invite Zach instead, so it would be George Mia Zach Felix Alex and myself, keep a little something for myself.


In this game, I want to be as social as humanly possible, I want to be seen as someone people can depend on as a number and let my social game keep me off the block, then when i find the time appropriate, I want to make my move and solidify myself as someone who's going to be a force to be reckoned with. With that, I want to talk to everyone, even if they're on the bottom, I want them to feel like I'm with them


So this morning, Jessica approached me about making a six person alliance with me, her, Alex, Felix, George, and Zach. Of course, I couldn't say no or i would have been targeted. Don't get me wrong, I love Jessica and I really did want to work with her, but if I was gonna target HLC, I would have put her up with Alex, only because I haven't spoken to him in forever. However, that can't be the case anymore since they're planning to put me in an alliance with him. Although, I am honestly shocked that Felix of all people said he wanted to work with me. Out of everyone still in the game, I talked to him the least so far. So this puts me in a tight spot in the event that I become HOH this season, as I would have to target one of my friends once HLC is gone. So now, i'm trying to change the target to Hannah, only because I have a feeling that she is working closely with HLC and Jamie, and HLC is not AS big of a threat as Hannah. I really do adore her, but for the sake of what is best for my game, I am going to have to let Hannah go


i hope this week is exactly the same as last week tbh sakuadjhsadas

well w/o it becoming personal but the drama is so funny ksdajasdabsd


Jessica tried really hard for this HoH so I hope she gets it. I really think she'll keep me safe in a week that I feel as though I'm the easy target (due to winning 2/2 so far). I hope HLC is seen as a bigger target over me though and is nominated, but if she is then I might want to keep her. Regardless, so much could end by the end of the week (as shown by last week) that it's pointless to try and speculate about what my goals for the week will be.


that dumb bitch jessica

not picking me first ill make sure she regrets that jk shes not a dumb bitch im just pissed


When im trying to plee for my life but i suck at it unsure emoticon im also even trying to hide that one alliance i have…


Now I'm in an alliance with Felix, George, Mia, Alex and Jessica. Add in my group with Jaime, Emma, and Szymon and I'm in with 8 people in this house. I've always prided myself on getting a high volume of information to make decisions, and sure enough my game is gonna roll that way again


So today has been amazing, a new alliance AND I won HoH. I know I said I didn't wanna win any comps and just let my social game carry me, but where's the fun in that? Jessica and I came up with this alliance consisting of us 2, Alex, Zach, Mia, and George. This is just to cover mine and Alex's bases, but we're mainly sticking to the United Nations. Concerning nominations, I'm gonna put up HLC and Asa, mainly because I haven't talked to either of them yet. My main target is HLC because honestly, she is annoying as all hell. So far, this is just a quality of life nomination for me, but we'll see how it goes from here, I don't really have any threats to take out yet.


Welp, scratch all that, Mia's volunteering to go up instead of Asa. She says it's better for the alliance, because no one would suspect us working together, which is true, but I still don't really see the point. Oh well.


Day 9: Nomination CeremonyEdit

well, it's pretty much end game for me now.

I knew this would happen.



drunk confession time HLC SHUT THE EFF UP I don't care that your heart is broke It can break all it wants and I will give 0 shits you're a horrible human being and I'm so happy that your ass is gonna go home tins week MIC DROP


Yes, I know that volunteering to go on the block may be a really dumb move, but I needed to make bold decisions as early as now just in case I do make it far in this game. But by doing so, I feel like I gained the trust of the people in my alliance. Also, even tho Felix was HOH, I feel like I controlled his nominations this week, but it isn't even that amazing because HLC was literally everyone's target. By me going up in Asa's place, I need to figure out a way for her to know that I did this for her. Even tho I am on the block right now, I'm honestly not THAT worried. Daniel, Szymon, and Asa told me that they would use the veto on me if they were to win it, which makes me really happy that I became close with such caring people. In the event that HLC wins veto, that's when I'll start worrying, so I'm sorry to say this, but hopefully she doesn't win veto


Day 10Edit

Day 11: Power of Veto CompetitionEdit

was this a win or a loss because now I have too much power


So my dear friend Asa won the power of veto, and I would love for her to use it on me so we could make a big move and backdoor a threat instead of HLC, but Felix really wants her gone. I mean he is aware of the alliance between Jamie, Szymon, and Daniel, but he still doesn't wanna take a shot at them. Maybe it's too early, I don't know, and maybe I'm just being paranoid, but there's a possibility that Felix may have a deal with them or something, so I'm not sure what to believe. This alliance we formed was literally made like three days ago, and I already don't trust Felix, but we'll see what happens. In other news, I would love to form something with Asa because I feel like I do trust her a lot and I think we could really do well in this game together.


Day 12: Power of Veto CeremonyEdit

Day 13Edit

Day 14: EvictionEdit

HLC there is the door, don't let it hit you on the way out!!! You picked fights for no fucking reason and I'm tired of your shit. THANK YOU GOODBYE


I can't let my showmance HLC go home this early.

she's a true icon and if she goes then I will automatically become the most crazy person in the house


im campaigning to everyone

to get out mia and dumbass hannah literally TOLD HLC THAT SHES GONNA VOTE HER OUT


anyone who votes out HLC is actually so stupid

she is the biggest shield in this game and is awful at competitions compared to mia who has consistently done well I mean i dont care if im voting in minority or not im not voting out people who are less likeable than me AKA; Patrick. HLC.


I am so happy, Asa didn't use that PoV. Bye HLC, see you never!


with each day i find Jessica more shady, i told her that i would go after George in case i won HoH and she guaranteed him immunity which gives me serious doubts about her giving that we are supposed to be in an alliance. Now the main target is HLC but... SHES TOO ICONIC TO LEAVE IN THIS WEEK ME AND DANIEL ARE DOING A HOUSE FLIP FOR THIS VOTE ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY


George just told me that he heard Szymon and Daniel were trying to rally a side of the house to save HLC, and you know if it does happen, they're gonna think I'm such a fool for trusting them til the very end, when in reality I was trying to sweet talk my way for their votes haha I'm just so annoyed because now I have to be part of a controversy when Felix could have just easily backdoored someone from that side. Yes, I see that I put myself into this situation, so I'm not gonna say I regret putting myself into the block because it shows that I am a driven person and will do whatever that seems useful to my game


As of right now I'm torn over who I want to keep. Everyone's saying HLC but yet there's a movement to keep her. Obviously there's pros and cons to both but for all I know, HLC already has enough votes to evict her. In the future though, HLC will always be a target and Mia is a really big social threat who I don't wanna have to take out, plus I'm on the bottom of the Azerbaijan alliance (considering I wasn't even added to the original). So, I'm gonna make the move and evict Mia, PRAYING that HLC has the votes to stay despite her penalty vote. If it works out, great, if it doesn't, then I might HAVE to win HoH or I'll be in really big danger. Let's see where the lines are drawn!


So this whole morning, Asa was telling me all about the plan that Daniel and Szymon were conspiring against me. She told me that Szymon thought he had himself, Asa, Jennifer, Daniel, Zach, and Jamie to vote against me, and I'm sure Emma was gonna vote me out nonetheless, which maybe the 7 HLC was referring to. Honestly, I'm glad that I was on the block because I was able to see the division of the house unfold before my eyes. This whole thing just showed me that Jennifer, Asa, and Zach really are on my side. I'm just excited now that I have reasons to target Emma, Szymon, Daniel, and Jamie. Personally, my target is Emma because she had the audacity to tell me she was "asleep" AFTER it was revealed that I was saved when I messaged her last night asking for her vote. Szymon and Daniel probably thought that they played me, but of course they didn't, because I knew what their plan was this whole time. This season just became more cutthroat in my opinion.


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