A sample Key

A Key is an object given to houseguests in Big Brother. Keys are given to houseguests who have applied and successfully been accepted into the game. After entering the Big Brother house, keys are given a more powerful and pivotal role in the game. The following ways are a few that Keys are used in the game:

  • Keys represent a houseguest's status in the game. Once a houseguest is evicted, the key is removed from the memory wall signifying that the houseguest is no longer in the running to win Big Brother.
  • Keys are given out at Nomination Ceremonies. If a House Guest pulls a key with their name on it they are safe. The two House Guests not given keys are then put up on the block for Eviction.
  • Keys are also given to jury members with both names of the finalists written on them. The jury member then walks up to a Nomination Box and places the key in it, where they are pulled one by one.