Moderators are individuals that are responsible for managing and hosting seasons of the Big Brother ORG wiki.

The following table enumerates the moderators of Big Brother Wiki Seasons:

Season Moderators
1 BBSeason1 AlfBBGavinBBJerbyBB
Alf, Gavin, & Jerby
2 BBSeason2 Bb2alfBb2gavinBb2jerbyBb2nathanielBb2tyler
Alf, Gavin, Jerby, Nathaniel, & Tyler
3 BBSeason3 AlfHostBB3GavinHostBB3NathanielHostBB3TylerHostBB3
Alf, Gavin, Nathaniel, & Tyler
4 BBSeason4 AlfHostBB4PydoHostBB4TomHostBB4TylerHostBB4
Alf, Pydo, Tom, & Tyler
5 BBSeason5 BB5HostAlfBB5HostNickBB5HostTomBB5HostTyler
Alf, Nick, Tom, & Tyler
6 BBSeason6 AlfBB6HostLucasBB6HostMatthewBB6HostNathanielBB6HostTemporaryAlexBB5BB6Hunter
Alf, Lucas, Matthew, Nathaniel, Alex, & Hunter
7 BB7logo BB7TylerhostBB7PriscillahostBB7AlexHost2BB7Hunterhost
Tyler, Priscilla, Alex, & Hunter
8 BB8logo BB8TylerhostBB8PriscillahostBB8AlexhostBB8Hunterhost
Tyler, Priscilla, Alex, & Hunter
9 BB9Logo AlfBB9TylerBB9BrianBB9EvaBB9LinusBB9NickBB9
Alf, Tyler, Brian, Eva, Linus, & Nick
10 BB10Logo BB10AlfHostBB10TylerHostBB10BrianHostBB10MackieHost
Alf, Tyler, Brian, & Mackie
11 BB11Logo BB11AlfHostBB11TylerHostBB11BrianHostBB11MackieHost
Alf, Tyler, Brian, & Mackie
12 BB12Logo BB12TylerHostBB12BrianHostBB12MackieHostBB12BryceHostBB12JordanHostBB12MalikHostBB12TateHost
Tyler, Brian, Mackie, Bryce, Jordan, Malik, & Tate
13 BB13Logo BB13TylerHostBB13HunterHostBB13LinusHostBB13MalikHostBB13MatthewHost
Tyler, Hunter, Linus, Malik, & Matthew
14 BB14Logo BB14TylerHostBB14MalikHostBB14TashaHost
Tyler, Malik, & Tasha
15 BB15Logo BB15TylerHostBB15MalikHostBB15KeithHostBB15NathanHostBB15JaylenHost
Tyler, Malik, Keith, Nathan & Jaylen
16 BB16Logo MackieBB16NathanBB16BenBB16MorganBB16CliffordBB16

TashaBB15 TylerBB16
Mackie, Nathan, Ben, Morgan, Clifford, Tasha & Tyler (Producer)

17 BB17Logo BB17TylerHostBB17MorganHostBB17JaylenHost
Tyler, Morgan & Jaylen
18 Bb18logo BB18TylerHostBB18MorganHostBB18LexiHost
Tyler, Morgan & Lexi
19 BB19Logo TylerBB19HostMorganBB19HostAnnabelleBB19HostBrandonBB18Host
Tyler, Morgan, Annabelle & Brandon
20 BB20Logo TylerBB20HostMorganBB20HostAnnabelleBB20HostBrandonBB20Host
Tyler, Morgan, Annabelle & Brandon
21 BB21Logo MorganBB21HostBrandonBB21HostTaraBB21HostValBB21HostTylerBB21Host
Morgan, Brandon, Tara, Val & Tyler (Producer)
22 BB22Logo BrandonBB22HostMalikBB22HostTaraBB22HostTylerBB22Host
Brandon, Malik, Tara & Tyler
23 BB23Logo MalikBB23HostJaylenBB23HostNathanielBB23HostAlexBB23Host
Malik, Jaylen, Nathaniel & Alex
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