• Nomblock2

    Houseguests, welcome to Eviction Night.

    Tonight, you will be voting to evict someone from the Big Brother House.

    The houseguests on the nomination block are:


    Purry and Sam, you can make a plea as to why you should stay in the Big Brother House by leaving a comment in this thread.

    Purry and Sam are not elegible to vote as well as the current Head of Household, Tyler. Everyone else should send in their votes to evict in the Diary Room Chat.
    Remember, you are voting for either Purry or Sam.

    You have until April 27, 2015 16:00 UTC.


    • Failing to submit a vote within the allotted period will earn you a strike. This would also earn you an additional eviction vote in the event that you are in the nomination block in a later week.
    • In case of a tie, Tyler, the current HOH will cast the deciding vote.
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    • Hi, everybody! Obviously, it really sucks to be up on the block against Purry, especially following the whole confusion. Great game changer there Perry, I did not see that coming at all this week! Purry, you are an amazingly nice player in this house, but unfortunately, one of us has to go. I hope you bring me to have a fun-filled Samtastic Final 4!

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